SAP Business One: The Leading ERP System for SMEs

Agility, speed, and transparency are essential factors when dealing with rapid changes in supply chains, working conditions, and business processes. And that's precisely where the ERP system SAP Business One excels. Manage change the smart way, with the efficient SAP enterprise resource planning solution designed specifically for the medium-sized process industry.

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SAP Business One Forms the Foundation of Your Business Success

The practical ERP system SAP Business One is packed with intelligent features that enable process industry companies to gain predictability, security, and transparency – worldwide! It digitalizes, optimizes, and connects your business processes, allowing you to act in an agile manner in the market and make the right decisions faster. This makes SAP Business One the leading industry solution for medium-sized businesses and your strongest ally in challenging times.

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Your ERP Software for Efficient Process Control

With the ERP standard software SAP Business One, you can cost-effectively control and digitalize your entire company both domestically and internationally. It covers the core processes of your business, including finance and accounting, production/manufacturing, procurement, and logistics. Specific industry-relevant areas are also included, ensuring that all processes are integrated into one system. The result? Your processes are simplified, insights into your business become clearer, and sustainable growth begins. This tailored industry solution puts you in control of your business operations, enabling you to take action even in uncertain times.

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SAP Business One Makes Your Business Resilient

Using SAP Business One gives medium-sized businesses both independence and resilience. You no longer map essential business processes manually via human resources, but in digital ERP processes. This liberates companies from excessive dependence on human resources and provides the benefits of digitalization: early alerts to business problems, greater efficiency, and IT-driven growth. For SMEs, SAP Business One is the tool of choice to thrive in our increasingly complex business world and expand internationally.

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Modern ERP Tools to Meet the Requirements of the Process Industry

Why struggle manually when it can be so simple and cost-effective digitally? Discover the industry-specific ERP functions you've been waiting for here.

Carbon Footprint Management

A smart cloud application that allows you to assess the carbon footprint of your company and each product.

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Your 360° overview of all business data in the process industry in real time – enabling smart production at the push of a button.

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Lab technology, integrated directly into your ERP solution. Access data from samples and devices without media disruptions.

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PART Mobile Scanning

Retrieve production and logistics information effortlessly with your smartphone or tablet. Greater efficiency, fewer errors!

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Rely on the Market Leader SAP

We provide certified solutions in close collaboration with the industry leader SAP and have been a SAP Business One Partner from the very beginning.

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Benefits of SAP Business One

With SAP Business One, you can master business complexity through standardized processes and uniform data management. Experience improved organization, less duplication of work, and minimal errors. Utilize real-time, data-driven decisions and enhance your productivity with optimized ERP-supported workflows. A modern interface additionally ensures a user-friendly and seamless working environment.


Overcome complexity in a controllable manner

Standardized processes and consistently maintained data improve organization. This helps avoid duplication of work and minimizes errors, even in an international context.


Integration of all business units

ERP-supported processes are better coordinated, reducing frictional losses and driving productivity across all areas of the company.


Make data-driven decisions in real time

Access up-to-date information in real time whenever you need it. Well-thought-out planning scenarios reliably guide you to the right decision.


Security for the future

ERP-optimized processes help you respond to internal and external changes in a more agile manner. This agility is an important, if not the most important, ingredient for resilience.


Modern look & feel

The intuitive user interface puts the needs of the users right at the center. Seamless work processes increase satisfaction and enjoyment at work.

Resilient Supply Chain Management Based on SAP Business One

Would you like to learn how to use your ERP system more effectively in turbulent times? Read our white paper now! It contains invaluable tips on how companies in the process industry can overcome current challenges using SAP Business One.

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PART is the Partner of the Medium-Sized Process Industry

Curious about how other companies in the chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and other industries utilize SAP Business One? Take a look behind the scenes here.

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