Digital Solutions for Your Fully Connected, Future-Ready Chemical Company

The medium-sized chemical industry is currently facing significant challenges as well as international growth opportunities with Chemistry 4.0. Embrace innovation and digital transformation now: The ERP system SAP Business One, available in many languages, along with other practical industry solutions from PART, will secure your position in the emerging chemical value creation networks.

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The Chemical Industry Has Specific Requirements that Require Tailored Solutions

The chemical industry is in the midst of digitalization right now. The goal is to automate, connect, and design processes for raw material procurement, material utilization, and production in a sustainable and circular manner. However, this is no easy task! On the one hand, complex production processes, strict quality regulations, increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, and fluctuating raw material prices pose numerous challenges. On the other hand, chemical companies are struggling with vast amounts of data that are difficult to collect and analyze manually.

The solution is a smart factory, where processes such as batch tracking and residual quantity management run in an automated, data-driven manner in the ERP system. And in which the enterprise resource planning system and hazardous materials management are seamlessly integrated. Chemical SMEs need the right digital solutions for their complex business processes, which can also be used internationally. PART is familiar with the industry-specific requirements and provides tailored SAP solutions that offer benefits exceeding the costs and effort. The ERP system C.One with SAP Business One, specially developed for the chemical industry, opens up a digital world full of possibilities for you.

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Our goal from the beginning was: zero risk for the operative business! We achieved this with a lean ERP implementation. I wake up in the morning and look forward to my SAP Business One.

Helmut Schröger
Board of Directors, OBTEGO AG

Chemie Goes Digital

PART is your expert when it comes to the digitalization of chemistry-specific core processes.

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PART Benefits for the Chemical Process Industry


More control over the supply chain

The international connectivity of the value chain allows seamless tracking of deliveries.


Greater transparency in business processes

Get the most out of Big Data with your ERP system and system-accessible data.


Increased future and planning security

Plan, control, and manage all resources of your chemical plant in an intelligent way, including across international borders.


More IT integration

Bring your digital technologies together in one centralized solution with a chemical-specific ERP system.


Higher budget for investments

With PART, you simplify research, development, procurement, and production with efficient digital tools.

How to Lead Your Medium-Sized Chemical Company Confidently into the Digital Future

Are you searching for a guide for your digital chemical company? Then look no further! This guide is designed for companies that have recognized the exciting opportunities of Chemistry 4.0 and now want to know how to effectively leverage its tremendous potential.

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SAP Software for Chemical SMEs

Digitalize your processes with practical solutions that will make your chemical company competitive and resilient in the long term.


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Connect value chains, automate processes: PART ERP software for your digital future.

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Delight your customers across all touchpoints with a comprehensive yet streamlined CRM solution.

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Less searching, more finding – with your ERP-integrated document management system (DMS).

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Harness the Combined SAP Power

At PART, you get certified SAP products and benefit from the competent service of a SAP Gold Partner.

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