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  • CRM software for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical - Life Science

The pharmaceutical industry essentially comprises the areas ethical pharmaceuticals, OTC, generic drugs and medical technology. Similar challenges and almost analogous market conditions are combined.

Aurea CRM for Life Sciences stands for living customer relationships. The CRM pharmaceutical solution contains a wide variety of predefined processes for your industry – from prescription-only and over the counter drugs to veterinary medicine.  

This is what you can expect from Aurea CRM for Life Sciences:

Process optimisation

Optimise your processes such as visitation planning, sample and order management including electronic signature, creation of account plans, administration of opinion leaders (KOL) or event planning.

Multi-channel sales

Processes for various sales channels for chemists, doctors, hospitals and more.

Panorama view of your relationships

Panorama view of business-related data for potential and existing customers. This includes the presentation of relationship networks.

Campaign and event planning

Planning, implementation and controlling of product campaigns, exhibition activities, symposia, etc...

Flexible working

Data from CRM pharmaceutical can be used in a wide variety of divisions. Master data are always up to date and synchronised with your address database.