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  • Digitizing palletizing processes with IoT applications

Palletizing processes with Internet of Things (IoT)

Digitize applications and optimize production lines

Modern manufacturing companies striving to setup their production lines efficiently and digitalize their supply chain trust in automated palletizing. The ERP specialists of PART Business Solution implemented the IoT connection of an extensive automatic palletizing system to the existing SAP Business One system for a renowned German manufacturer of cosmetic products.

The sophisticated palletizing process optimizes several production lines and processes the palletizing, the partial production bookings of pallets, the stretching of load carriers and the final labeling completely automated.

Via software interfaces, the automated palletizing system records all relevant production data and transmit it to the palletizing unit at the corresponding production lines. There, the pallets are loaded according to an individual setting pattern.

Once a pallet is finished, the palletizing unit sends the information to SAP Business One. After a successful data check, the data for the labeling data is prepared automatically and forwarded to the labeling unit. Over the SAP Business One web service interface, an acknowledge handshake is transmitted. The system is then ready for the next order.

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