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  • Industry 4.0 - Software makes the difference

Industry 4.0 - Software makes the difference

Process optimization within the company and value chain

Digitalization and "Internet of Things (IoT)" cause a data fusion of production units and processes between companies in the real world and allow a real time view over the entire value chain - from own production to delivery to customer service.

Data refined through professional business software create new intelligence, transparency, flexibility and individualization. This creates innovative products and services for customers and allows the expansion of existing business models. Products and services become digital and intelligent, and sensor data offer information on the entire product life cycle. Production processes are optimised because of intelligent machinery and products fitted with sensors and actuators, or modify automatically, which increases efficiency and flexibility in the production significantly. At the same time, companies link data from machinery and objects with their business processes.

All this is Industry 4.0, and it does not only create enormous potential for business growth, but is also decisive for business success. Technologies are now ready to be implemented in production, logistics, development and service. Modern businesses need to be state-of-the-art to claim a leading market position.

A platform for all data

Big Data Rechenzentrum SAP HanaOnce all divisions are linked, companies can offer solutions, products and services from one provider. This requires a platform which can be accessed by all members of the value chain in real time. For example, the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. It represents a central filing system, is highly secured and therefore guarantees authorised members access to all relevant data from business or production processes. Furthermore, modern Big-Data-Platforms such as SAP HANA can process and analyse very large data volumes in real time, which allows making better decisions and results based on detailed information.

Industry 4.0 does not only improve process efficiency within the own company, it also optimises the process technology of all partners of the value chain. Entire business models are changed: Services are available on demand and flow times are reduced significantly.

Digitalization in the lab

Industry 4.0 has arrived for process and laboratory technology, and will keep production companies busy for a long time. Businesses that are not linked fall behind. The future of industrial production lies in the Smart Factory - a symbiosis between man and machine.

The intelligent factory of the future features the digital networking of all subsystems and process steps. The industry responds to the fast-paced challenge to automate and digitalise with increased dynamics and interest. Specialists in pharma, chemical, biotechnology, food, beverage and cosmetics industry predict a promising future. The most frequently mentioned key words in Industry 4.0 oriented process and lab technology are mobility, flexibility, lowering of production costs, intelligent surfaces and linked devices.