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  • SAP ERP software for efficient product management

SAP Business One

Streamlining business processes, revolutionising work procedures, optimising value creation processes systematically, simply living "business intelligence".

This is what practice-oriented SAP Business One solutions by PART stand for.

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More performance for medium-sized companies through efficient product management.

Let professional business software do the work for you. With a well thought out ERP product management system, you will have more time in the day for essential matters - namely business growth.

Chemical One


Easy for SAP

SAP ERP Software

Your company's challenges are our motivation - key words here are: principles of proper bookkeeping, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access (GoBD), tax audit per DART (Data Retention Tool) and also the illustration of compliance requirements.

Where your challenges grow and legal requirements often rise to unknown heights, PART minimises your risks with efficient SAP ERP software.

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