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CRM Software

When someone asks you: "May I offer you a coffee, and would you like it with milk or sugar?“

... it is called good service.

But when someone even says: "I'll get you your coffee. Just the way you like it, with milk and no sugar.“

... it is called customer care or modernly "CRM"!

But: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was yesterday. In the "era of customer orientation", the actual challenge lies not only in the collection of customer data, but also in their advantageous use for the customer. No problem with the practice-oriented CRM Software solution by PART!

While international competition further intensifies, customer retention and satisfaction fall behind because of globalisation. Simultaneously, the acquisition of new customers is disproportionately expensive in comparison to existing customer retention.

Companies are therefore more and more obliged to design their customer relationships systematically and professionally. Our practice-oriented CRM-Software solution assists you.

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