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  • Cloud Computing for Business - Business software anywhere and anytime

Cloud Computing for Business

Business software anywhere and anytime

All important business data anywhere in the world and anytime – this is Cloud Computing for Business.

The usage of IT resources over the internet as a service offers many advantages. Cloud Computing offers users the possibility to access data and applications from any location.

Pricey hardware expenses such as hard drives or servers disappear, and also their maintenance and replacement costs. According to latest statistics, today more than 90 percent of all businesses use Cloud technology in a public, private or hybrid environment.

The most important advantages of a Cloud solution

  • Flexibility: Up and down scaling on demand can be realised quickly
  • Profitability: Users only pay for what they actually use and minimise hardware and IT costs
  • Availability: Users have access to solutions anytime, from anywhere and on any device.
  • Simplicity: Internal IT departments do not have to deal with server management and software updates

Experience the advantages of a business software in the Cloud: SAP Business One with cloudiax, the most secure Cloud solution.

SAP Business One starts at 89,- € in the Cloud!

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